Portable Haptic Interface

Bringing Touch to VRs

In VR we only use two of our senses, sight and hearing, to interact with the virtual world. The mission of Foldaway Haptics is to convey the sense of touch in VR.

10 years of research

Why Foldaway Technology

Foldaway technology is the result of over 10 years of research into manufacturing and design of miniaturized robots.

It takes advantage of patented origami designs for realizing lightweight, high-precision foldable robots that, embedded in a joystick, interact with your fingers

Foldaway Touch controller

Foldaway Touch controller has a thumbstick that “pushes back” when it is squeezed or rotated by your finger. This robotic thumbstick can actively generate vibrations, forces and movements to convey rich touch cues, such as:

Contact with objects
Consistency of objects
Surface texture rendering
Dynamic effects
(slippery, moving, heartbeat)


As example of Foldaway Touch potential, we realized LamaSlam, the first VR game based on touch.
The game was first presented at CES 2019.

Get Foldaway Touch

- rental (rent a joystick for technology evaluation)
- purchase (buy a joystick for long term use)
- request customization (request custom features/performance for Foldaway Touch)

User manual ad coding examples are released with the HW.

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Who we are

Marco Salerno
Ph.D - business developer

Ph.D. in robotics on design of miniature human interacting robots. Three years experience as researcher on novel manufacturing techniques and origami inspired robots at the Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory (RRL) of EPFL.

Stefano Mintchev
Ph.D - Mechanical design
and actuation

Mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in robotics on multi-scale autonomous robots. Main inventor in three patents for foldable systems. Three years experience as researcher and on multimodal locomotion robots at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) of EPFL.

Jamie Paik

Founder and Head of the EPFL's Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory. More than 15 years of research experience in international world-class institutes specializing in mechatronics design and manufacturing toward origami robots. Jamie's role in Foldaway is to advise the team on the design and fabrication of the robotic platform.