Portable Haptic Interface


Why Foldaway

In a world where machines and electronic devices are becoming ubiquitous and portable, the quest for low-cost and ultra-portable haptic interfaces is exponentially growing. However, the market is currently populated either by bulky and expensive interfaces that render forces with high accuracy, or by simple devices that exploit vibrations to render a limited number of sensations. FOLDAWAY, is innovating the field by developing ultra-portable and low cost origami haptic interfaces.


Ideal Interface
for any portable device

The device has three degrees of freedom and can interact with human fingers by tracking their motion and providing force, stiffness and texture perception. Through its unique origami manufacturing, it is the first interface of its kind that folds-away when not in use. Its palm size, and thin design, makes it the ideal user interface for any portable device. The manufacturing of these structures is cost competitive, scalable and does not require manual assembly.


Foldaway features


    Pocket size
    foldable system

    The origami inspired design allows folding to a very compact configuration when not in use and expansion in 3D whenever needed.


    Next generation
    of computer mouse

    Foldaway interfaces interact with the operative systems enriching the navigation by translating data information into tangible sensations.


    Easy integration
    with everyday life

    Low power consumption. The devices can be connected to laptops, tablet and smartphones and communicate using the most common protocols.


    Ideal platform
    for Virtual Reality

    Recreates touch experience in virtual or augmented interaction with objects.

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    Who we are

    Marco Salerno
    Ph.D - business developer

    Ph.D. in robotics on design of miniature human interacting robots. Three years experience as researcher on novel manufacturing techniques and origami inspired robots at the Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory (RRL) of EPFL.

    Stefano Mintchev
    Ph.D - Mechanical design and actuation

    Mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in robotics on multi-scale autonomous robots. Main inventor in three patents for foldable systems. Three years experience as researcher and on multimodal locomotion robots at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) of EPFL.

    Jamie Paik
    Prof.- Scientific Advisor

    Founder and Head of the EPFL's Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory. More than 15 years of research experience in international world-class institutes specializing in mechatronics design and manufacturing toward origami robots. Jamie's role in Foldaway is to advise the team on the design and fabrication of the robotic platform.